Today, it's party time with Becky Cislak and her friends!!

  If you want to chat with me there are a number of ways to do that by following the links on this site. If you can't reach me on my social media links, please feel free to click on the Contact link and give me a call. If that doesn't work, hitch up your unicorn to your wagon and ride on over. I'm your own Party Girl. Newmarket ON singles! I'm your slut for hire!


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What I am going to do today will surprise you.

    I might get into a little trouble today cos it all depends on how much I drink my favorite drink, which is whatever you're drinking at the time or how much we smoke it up while waiting for the next friend to drop by to add to the party in progress. There's always a party going on at my place. I'm a party animal!

   The only thing missing is you. Let me be your favorite slut!

We can't party unless you're here.

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rat girl

I'm a Rat Girl. You don't know nothing til you feel these furry babies running up your bare back in the dark. Come over and I'll introduce you to a pair of sweethearts who love adventure.

My 2 rats go everywhere with me like wtf that's a cool song title I'll say! Just like rat catcher marvel movie I can dig it. Everytime I ride the bus I just sing weird Al's "Another one rides the bus, an  another one gone.  They go in the grocery stores and restaurants with me and get to pick out their favorite snack to much on. If you pick up an apple and see a bite out, we've been here!

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